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STM-9900GRY Traction Rug Spilfyter brand Universal Absorbents product.

Universal Traction Rug with cling technology, 1 roll/case

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  • Slipfyter™ Traction Mats are an easy, durable solution to combat slips, trips & falls in a variety of locations.
  • The bottom layer sticks to the ground/surface using Cling technology.
  • Top layer is a super-strong durable nonwoven material that aids in foot traction.
  • Can be easily peeled back up and repositioned as needed. Stands up to heavy foot or vehicle traffic, to include fork trucks.
  • Easy to use: roll out continuous walk-off coverage for entrances and walkways with no gaps, ripples or overlaps that can be slip, trip or fall hazards.
  • Absorbs a wide variety of oil and water-based spills.
  • Durable top layer can be vaccumed, swept with a broom or mopped - allowing the product to stay in use longer!
  • Create custom-sized traction mats for transition areas and problem spots where leaks or spills may be present.
  • ADA compliant for wheelchairs and walkers.
  • Only a fraction of the weight of rubber-backed mats: no more back strain when you change your mats.


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Tech Specs

PackagingPrinted Box
Pallet Configuration102/Pallet (42 per layer; 2 layers high + 18 Top Load)
Bale Weight7kg
Horizontal PerforationsN/A
Vertical PerforationsN/A
Absorbency22 Liters