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OSR-91 SUSTAYN BY SPILFYTER Oil-Only Meltblown Sorbent Roll; DW Spilfyter brand Sustayn™ by Spilftyer® product.

100% Recycled Oil-Only Roll

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SOURCE REDUCTION: Sustayn Sorbents Are Made From 100% Recycled Material - Earth Friendly! All Corrugate Packaging Is 100% Post Consumer Recycled Corrugate With Environmentally Friendly Water-Based Printing Inks. Poly-bags Used For Sorbent Rolls Are 100% Recycled And Use 33% Less Poly. Sustayn Pads & Rolls Are Perforated; Allowing You To Use What You Need, Further Reducing Usage And Waste! FEATURES & BENEFITS: Sustayn Sorbents Perform As Good Or Better Than The Leading Sorbent Product Produced From Virgin Raw Materials! Sustayn Universal Pads, Rolls & Drum Tops Are Black In Color; Easily Hiding Unsightly Spills - They Always Look Clean! Oil-Only Sorbent Pads, Rolls & Drum Tops Have A Pleasing Earth-Tone Color - With Great Performance! Sorbent Socks Use 100% Recycled Material Filler - With Same Great Performance!


100% Recycled Material; 100% Recycled Poly Bag

Tech Specs

RangeSustayn by Spilfyter
Pallet Configuration22/Pallet
Bale Weight11kg
Horizontal Perforations30cm
Vertical Perforations20cm
Absorbency191 Liters