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HVU-700CSRFL High-Visibility Universal Absorbent Pads Spilfyter brand Universal Absorbents product.

Universal Caution Stand Refill Pack; 20 pads per pack; 5 packs per case

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  • High-Visibility print layer on absorbent pads is strong and tear resistant.
  • Keep the stand and simply refill with more absorbent pads!
  • High-Visibility print layer draws quick visual attention to the affected area is strong and tear resistant.
  • Each box of contains 5 packs of (20) pads.
  • These sorbents are virtually lint-free and highly durable for high viscosity or high traffic applications.
  • Spunbond material is extremely strong and can withstand rigorous abuse from foot traffic.
  • Won’t tear apart when pulled or placed under equipment.


Meltblown + Spunbond

Tech Specs

ColorHiVis Yellow
PackagingPrinted Dispenser Carton
Quantity20 pads per pack; 5 packs per case
Pallet Configuration108/Pallet; 9 cases per layer; 10 layers high
Bale Weight3kg
Horizontal PerforationsN/A
Vertical PerforationsN/A
Absorbency38 Liters