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690341 Specialty Spill Control, Atmospheric Chamber; 4 hands Spilfyter brand Atmospheric Chamber/Glove Box product.

Hands-in-Bag® Atmospheric Chamber; 4 hands (Large); 1/envelope

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  • Constructed of sturdy 0.003in. gauge polyethylene that is polished for good clarity
  • Seams are heat-sealed for strength and inflation tested to be leak-free
  • Inlet ports are provided on each side for laboratory gas, vacuum, and electrical lines
  • Available in two-hand and four-hand configurations, with tape-seal enclosures
  • Hands-in-Bag is not fire-retardant or intended for prolonged contact with solvents, vapors, or chemicals
  • Hands-in-Bag is a flexible, inflatable polyethylene chamber with built-in gloves that lets you work in a totally isolated and controlled environment.
  • An inexpensive, portable alternative to the glove box and is well suited to a variety of tasks and materials.
  • Slips over the top of cans and drums to blanket with inert gas and isolate vapors and dusts during sampling operations.
  • Minimizes worker exposure and preserves the integrity of the sampled bulk material.
  • Hands-in-Bag serves as a portable laboratory for conducting tests, crime scene investigations, and other applications where a clean isolated chamber is needed.
  • Assists in preventing the gross contamination of an environment when inspecting or testing unknown or suspicious materials and for the temporary containment of leaking containers.
  • Workers can quickly enclose, isolate, and seal a work area using Hands-in-Bag.



Tech Specs

RangeSpecialty Spill Control
Pallet ConfigurationN/A
Bale Weight0.30kg
Horizontal PerforationsN/A
Vertical PerforationsN/A
Absorbency500 Liters (Gas Volume)