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270005 Specialty Spill Control, Grab & Go Spill Kit for Acids Spilfyter brand Specialty Spill Kit product.

Grab & Go Bucket Spill Kit for Acids (Dry Formula); 18.9 Liter Bucket with handle and lid

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Available in both dry and liquid formulas, both packed in 19L buckets. Kits are complete and ready to use.


• (3) 7.6cm x 122cm Hazmat Mini-Booms • (10) 30cm x 30cm Hazmat Pads • (1) 4.5kg KOLOR-SAFE® Dry Acid Neutralizer • (1) Scoop w/Detachable Scraper • (2) Chemical Classifier Strips • (1 pr.) Nitrile Gloves • (1 pr.) Splash Goggles • (1) Chemical Classifier Chart • (1) Disposal Bag & Twist Tie • (1) 18.9L Plastic Bucket with Snap-On Lid

Tech Specs

RangeSpecialty Spill Control
ColorYellow Bucket
PackagingYellow Bucket
Pallet Configuration48
Bale Weight9kg
Horizontal PerforationsN/A
Vertical PerforationsN/A
Absorbency12 Liters